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Dan Sexton-Riley

English Concentration

Dan Sexton-Riley made the move to Cape Cod in 2016 to start a new chapter in life with his wife and stepdaughter. Embracing his passion, Dan is now an English major, learning with purpose and finding immense joy in his classes. "The discussions in my English classes have been a constant source of happiness for me," says Dan, "and they have sparked a fire within me to teach. The impact of those discussions on society is immeasurable."

Dan's love for 4Cs extends beyond their major. They feel a genuine sense of community at the college, and say they've never felt like they belong anywhere as much as they do at 4Cs. "In all aspects of my social interaction, with other students, staff, and faculty, I feel the real desire to connect and build meaningful connections."

photo of Dan Sexton-Riley

After finishing their studies at 4Cs, Dan plans to transfer to finish a Bachelor's degree in English and continue through graduate studies. They hope to one day return to 4Cs as a teacher of English, "to continue the invaluable work of building the critical and intersectional thought that has characterized my studies here."

Dan has advice for new students, too. "Don’t isolate! Come to events, reach out to clubs, speak to someone. College is so much easier and more enjoyable with that sense of community I mentioned earlier."

Dan has had the privilege of having several influential professors at 4Cs, but one stands out: Prof. Tom Schaefer. "His guidance and support have been key to each step of my journey here," says Dan. "So many of the things I have achieved would not have happened without his encouragement."

In addition to Prof. Schaefer, Dan also has a mentor at 4Cs in Kate Condon, the Director of the 4Cs4U SUCCESS team. "Kate has helped me through several personal, professional, and academic moments of hardship/confusion," says Dan. "Her kindness and ability to provide clarity when the path forward is murky have been a true blessing to me."

Dan is also a Peer Mentor at 4Cs, and loves being able to provide guidance and support to fellow students. "I couldn't have predicted the impact this program has had on the community," they say. As a Peer Mentor, Dan is one of many students who are invested in the college community and want to ensure no one feels left behind.

Dan's journey at 4Cs has been filled with growth, community, and purpose. They're proud of the person they've become, and the impact they're making on the college community as a Peer Mentor. Dan's story is a testament to the power of community and the importance of finding one's calling in life.